Even More Keepers A Tasty Sequel

It is more than a cookbook it is your personal chef. Within this amazing book you are taken on a trip of enticing beverages, meals, deserts, and simple fun foods. Jo Snow has for many been creating dishes since the early 70′s with publications in newspapers around the country. Her desires and joy to shear her cooking with the world has been going on ever since, and the joy simply spills off each page. Captivate your senses with a Gazpancho Bloddy Mary as a Beverage to a Spiced Nuts with Sugared Bacon Appetizer. We haven’t even started the main meal yet. Get ready to stimulate all your senses with Bammie’s Chicken. For desert expect how about you try home made Lemon Almond Cookies. These are just a few of the over 300 recepieces you get with the new Keepers “A Tasty Sequel” book.


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Keepers – Culinary Treasures from the Heart

Author Jo Snow

JoDumbard Snow’s first cookbook filled with great recipes for the whole family and social gatherings to enjoy. These are the most favoite, most treasured recipies I have created. They have been created by me, my children, my friends, and relatives, by strangers, all of which have been a delight to make and enjoy – a Keeper!

Libbie, Amy and Bill my kids grew up as my “assistants” and now I am their “assistant”! Our times in the kitchen preparing our own dinner or for a party are some of the happiest times in my life and bring such joy in remembering. The means we prepared and amazing times we shared make up this amazing cookbook filled with means you will enjoy for a lifetime.  From Beverages to appetizers, soups, salads, seafood, poultry, pastas, deserts, and cookies. They are all in here over 300 recipes.


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